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CPA Marketing Business

What is CPA Marketing?

The CPA or cost per share is a business in which a benefit is obtained if a visitor or prospect performs a certain action on an established website. Advertisers are the ones who pay when, for example, a visitor enters their email, zip code, telephone, and performs a free trial. The CPA is one of the most profitable businesses to monetize a website or blog.

The CPA is a business with which you can obtain high level income. These are some of the advantages that you can consider to create your own CPA business:

  • You do not need to make any sale to get benefits
  • You can start with a small budget and scale your campaigns
  • Advertisers are concerned about optimizing their campaigns so they are profitable
  • Simply generate traffic to campaigns to earn revenue

If you are interested in CPA we can help you start your own business. We will show you exactly how we carry out our live campaigns to show you our results.


The defined actions related to the cost per action have to do with some type of specific action performed by the users or prospects within a CPA offer. The affiliate receives a commission percentage each time a prospectus completes satisfactorily the action required by the advertiser, whether it be a sale or email registration as the case may be.


The CPA allows affiliates to generate large amounts of profits while allowing advertisers to increase sales.



SOI - Single Opt-In


CPL - Cost Per Lead


CPS - Cost Per Sale


DOI - Double Opt-In

It is a company that manages the products of advertisers so that affiliates that are part of the CPA network promote these products in exchange for a commission. That is, the CPA Network is the intermediary that connects the advertiser with one or more publishers.

For example, a company makes a CPA offer with the aim of increasing its portfolio of potential customers. In this case, the CPA network and the company negotiate the terms with which the offer is executed and it is included in the list of offers of the CPA network. The CPA network has a large number of publishers who can select those offers to generate traffic and get conversions. Each time a sale is generated, the advertiser must pay the publisher and the CPA network.

In this way, the CPA network benefits from deriving information about the clients and the affiliates are paid according to the previously established commission, depending on the importance of said information.

The work of the CPA Networks is to serve as mediators between the companies that seek CPA marketing and affiliates that are interested in the commercialization of products and that pay for the action that they are capable of generating.

Most of these networks have terms and conditions that must be met before an affiliate can sign up with these CPA Networks. This ensures companies that go to these networks in search of good affiliates that the work will be done efficiently.


In CPA Marketing Business you can count on all the necessary support for your SEO, design and programming web positioning. You need to have a professional website if you want to grow and get results by doing your CPA campaigns.

All our projects have a unique design, personal and professional, because our main objective is to help our clients to improve their business by offering them an integral service.

The web design we do is visually pleasing, simple and intuitive. The objective is to grow the business of our customers, either through new contacts, budgets or sales.

A website is a great first step for many. For your website to be profitable, you must have visitors. For this, we carry out actions in social networks, email marketing and online advertising.

We do it by designing a specific strategy for you and with a touch (or two) of creativity. We will show you how we carry out our live CPA campaigns and everything you need to grow in CPA marketing.


If you need special support just send us an email and will be in touch as soon as possible

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